Why Shopify is a Great Option for Domain Purchase

The process of choosing a domain can be a daunting task especially given that your choice could impact your business positively or negatively. For any entrepreneur about to start an online business, the domain name you opt for is vital for the long-term success of your business.

It reflects what your business does

A domain name that reflects what your business does will prove very helpful not only on Google searches when customers are looking for your service, but they are also more likely to remember it and hopefully provide you with repeat business and referrals.

Quick and effective

Shopify is a host to numerous successful online shops, and the platform has perfected the way to find quick and effective domains that will work for your online business. Shopify understands the challenges of setting up an online store and have made it their business to make this process as smooth and fluid as possible.

If you have already come up with some potential domain names, you can use Shopify domain generator to check if those domains are available for purchase or if they are already in use. If they are available, then you can go ahead and buy through Shopify. If not, the same Shopify tool can help you generate new ones without losing much time.

By just entering the core name of what your business does such as ‘automotive accessories,’ this tool will generate a combination of suitable domain names that reflect what your company does.

What you benefit from buying a domain name with Shopify

    • You have an excellent chance to establish your brand within a short period
    • Higher ranking on search engines such as Google
    • It makes it easier for customers to remember and come back to your site

Shopify understands a domain that is relevant to your enterprise will help your business be easily found when customers are searching for your services through search engines. As such, it will generate domains that are most relevant to your business.

Additionally, Shopify makes it so much easier to manage your custom domain because their configuration set up is fully automated.


Don’t let getting a domain name to become a source of strife for you. Shopify has you covered from searching for a domain within no time and buying it to moving on to the next level of building a beautiful web store.

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