Domain from Shopify

Establish Your Brand with a Domain from Shopify

One significant challenge of running a successful store is establishing your brand presence online. Although this process may take some time to start gaining traction, a primary key to starting on the right footing is nailing your domain name.

The importance of a good, catchy domain name that is relevant to your business cannot be overstated. Although you are capable of coming up with some catchy domains that reflect on what your company does, you soon realize that you are not the only one with those great ideas. This happens when you put your domain through a search to see if they are available. More often than not, somebody else will have beaten you to the punch.

Running out of Domain ideas?

If you have run out of ideas regarding catchy domains relevant to your business, it means you have to change tact and consider using a machine instead. Online programs such as Shopify domain generator will save you loads of time.

By entering the core word of your business this program generates some available domain combinations relevant to your business for your perusal in a matter of seconds. Should you see one that you particularly like, you can go ahead and buy and move on to the next stage, which is building a website.

Shopify, your one-stop shop

Setting up an online store requires you to buy a domain first then you can go ahead and start the website building process for your online store.  Shopify has risen to prominence in domain finding because it can generate domains so fast and with high accuracy. It keeps the domain name short and relevant as well as making it catchy and memorable. This can be hard to do all by yourself.

Shopify does not stop at helping you find a great domain that will work for your online store. It is also equipped at helping you build an excellent online store.

Benefits of using Shopify, include:

  • Quick domain finding and purchase
  • Easy to manage your domain as configuration and set up are fully automated
  • Has a website builder and a full-featured blog
  • Unlimited bandwidth and products
  • Well over 70+ international gateways
  • Global tax and currency support
  • Search engine optimized
  • Gift cards and discount codes


Shopify makes it easier to set up an online store within a short time frame. From finding an available domain to purchasing one and to building a smashing online store, this is the best platform for all your needs.