4 Reasons Why Your DNS System Matters in Your Online Success

Are you owning a webpage or in the process of owning one? Well, with digitization, online presence is becoming a necessity. You need to have a virtual presence to reach out to your customers. Also, the notion of transforming the world into a village initiated a race to owning virtual estates. Like the gold rush of 18th and 19th centuries, virtualization is the new rush for the 21st century. Before going on how to register a brand new domain name, you need to know about various basics. DNS system is one of these basics. The Domain Name System is a crucial aspect of your virtualization journey. This system is the center pillar of all your online activities.

It is the one that facilitates online messaging, chatting, emailing, and other virtual activities. However, you may ignore this system and wonder whether it is necessary. You are not the only person in this category. Many people across the social classes with zero technology follow the same route. They ignore or do not understand the essence of a DNS system. Here are three reasons why you need to pay attention to this system if you are looking forward to online success:

It enhances computer and human communications through a network

Imagine a case without the DNS system. How would it be like? For you to log in to a website, you would need to have a sharp memory. For instance, the IP address of Google could be If you want to access Facebook, you would require to know the IP address 308. (note: these are assumptions not the real IP address of the sites). Would you memorize these numbers?

Also, when you change your location, the IP address changes. The difficult part is: you must memorize all websites you need to access. Access to online data would be hard. For this reason, someone had to come up with a system to harness communication between computers and humans. By this, it means enabling the computer to communicate through numbers and human to communicate using words. In this essence, the DNS system harness the computer-human communications.

What is DNS?
How and why is DNS critical for any web business

It boosts the website loading time

This system has a critical role in the loading time. As you know, DNS is a distributed database. The distributed aspect of this database means that a domain name information storage is not on one location. Rather, it is spread out on different servers or databases across the globe. Say, for example, the name of your domain is on server A, and the extension is on server B. Also, your content is on server C while images are on D.

With this distribution, it will be easier for your audience to access the information that in cases where all information is on one database. The distribution aspect harnesses the loading speed as it saves access time. The nameservers carrying information of your domain name and located in different servers makes it easy for your site to load within a short duration. As such, the DNS system is crucial in harnessing your website loading speed.

Prevents duplication of domain names

In an aim to harness accessibility and market positioning, website owners are continually changing their domain names and IP address. Registration of new domain names is happening each moment. However, have you wondered why you will get to the new domain when your preferred site changes it URL?

If so, you need to appreciate the DNS system. This system hinders cases of duplication of domain names. Whether you change your domain name or the IP address, your audience will be directed the new one. The prevention of domain duplication helps you to maintain your traffic and following despite the changes.

Name resolution online: what is a DNS server?

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